Dublin, Ireland

The Associations of Star Alliance Pilots ("ASAP") today concluded their semi-annual Executive Board meeting here in Dublin. The Star Alliance is an airline marketing consortium currently consisting of twenty-seven member carriers. ASAP consists of the leadership of the pilot unions and associations at those carriers, which collectively represent approximately 50,000 pilots. Approximately forty delegates were in attendance at the conference.

Several distinguished guest speakers addressed the body, including Captain Don Wykoff, President of the International Federation of Airline Pilots ("IFALPA"), which commences its annual meeting here tomorrow and Ms. Roz Briggs of Mercer, Ireland, Ltd, who discussed the many challenges to defined benefit plans generally and approaches to bargaining over such programs. A subsequent panel of speakers also addressed these issues. The presenters were Captain Evan Cullen, President of Irish ALPA, the host Association for the IFALPA conference, Captain Craig Blandford, President of the Air Canada Pilots Association, and Mr. Bruce York, Director of the Representation Department of U.S. ALPA.

In addition to substantial discussion and presentations concerning bargaining over pensions, other issues discussed by the delegates during working sessions was the overall economic state of the industry world-wide and industrial developments which likely will impact the pilots. Also at this meeting, the ASAP Industrial Subcommittee, consisting of those member associations which are legally permitted to and have an interest in industrial issues discussed further the interests of the pilots at those carriers and what actions might be taken in response to the particular situations they confront.

Captain Ron Abel of United, ASAP’s Chairman, noted that, "the unmistakable takeaway from our discussion is that there is a need to be focused and disciplined in our bargaining strategy for bargaining changes to benefit plans and never miss an opportunity."

The delegates were also briefed on the recently concluded International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Sixth Worldwide Air Transport Conference. Finally, the meeting concluded with an address by Ambassador Duane Woerth, the U.S. representative to ICAO.

The next regular Executive Board meeting of ASAP will take place in Herndon, Virginia at the Headquarters of U.S. ALPA on October 8-10, 2013.