ASAP is important because it promotes a cross flow of information not readily available to all pilot groups. It is simply not possible to opt-out of the regime of international alliances. The arrow of history has pointed in the direction of liberalization in air services agreements and a global airline industry.

The range and complexity of the challenges we face, and the speed with which crisis can escalate, mean that knowing the right people to call and the right levers to pull in any corner of the world is a key element in our future success. In such an environment, it is critical to foster methods that will produce collaborative and well-coordinated institutional innovations across the globe.

The demand for international cooperation on issues of importance to pilots is greater than ever, thanks to deepening economic interdependence, transnational airline structures and accelerating liberalization. ASAP’s goal is to address common challenges and seize opportunities that transcend national and corporate boundaries by leveraging the knowledge, skills, and resources of our member associations to strengthen to global pilot community.

Our member associations:

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Photo Credit: Boeing 747-4D7, Flikr user Christian Junker, used under CC license 2.o