Letter of Support to the Avianca Pilots

September 19, 2017

Via Electronic Mail at Jhernandez@acdac.org

Captain Jaime Hernández Sierra
President of the Columbian Association of Civil Aviators 19a #95-30
Bogotá, Colombia

Dear Captain Sierra:

I am writing on behalf of the 30,000 professional pilots and their associations who make up the Associations of Star Alliance Pilots (ASAP). We are proud to have the Columbian Association of Civil Aviators (ACDAC) as members of ASAP. As you know, the principal purpose of ASAP is to promote and protect the interests of our pilots. We provide a forum to address common issues that affect all alliance pilots and to promote the highest level of safety among all Star Alliance airlines.

Recently, Avianca pilots have spoken with one voice and voted to authorize their union representatives to strike as negotiations have not resulted in a new agreement. An overwhelming 90% of the pilots voted in favor of the strike. This vote shows the deep unity and resolve AVIANCA pilots feel against the direction set by their airline’s management.

A successful strike will require a renewed unity commitment by every AVIANCA pilot. In taking charge of your future and seeking improvements no one can be a spectator or let someone else do the work. I encourage you stand united, now more than ever.

As fellow ASAP pilots, we want you to know we support you, the pilots and co-pilots of ACDAC. Women and men who have always shown, and continue to show your technical, safety and professional values. Our endorsement is accompanied by the recognition of the professional work done daily by the pilots of your country with regards to the passengers, company, government, and other authorities.

We know that a successful negotiation process requires enormous fortitude, discipline and courage. This is especially true when the process becomes challenged by external interests. We extend to you our full support for the course of your struggle for fair working conditions.

Difficult times lay ahead, which, I am confident, will be overcome by the unity, solidarity and resolve that the Avianca pilots have consistently demonstrated.


Captain Alberto Gaspari

ASAP Executive Board