ASAP Oslo General Survey

The following survey will ask Executive Board Members and observers about their work with ASAP. The answers will be  used to assist the ASAP officers in producing agendas for future ASAP meetings and communicating better with ASAP members. The survey is open to all members who attend ASAP meetings, and more than 1 response per MA is permitted.

Ultra Long Haul Operations Survey

The Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) requests your assistance with information regarding Ultra Long Haul Flight Operations (flights over 16 hours). 

If your Airline operates ULH flights and you have Contractual or Regulatory language regarding the crewing and operational requirements of ULH flights, please assign 1 member of your Association to complete the following short survey.

CAA Inspectors in the Flight Deck

Background Information

SAAPA is being put under pressure to allow some local CAA inspectors to operate South African Airways aircraft, both domestically and internationally and SAAPA would like to find out if this is the norm for other Star Alliance / International airlines.  

The rationale for CAA inspectors operating the aircraft is that it will give the inspectors a deeper insight into our operation and it will make the various CAA audits simpler.

Survey Report